100 Forex Traders To Storm London’s Iconic Gherkin…

…before making their way in an orderly fashion to the Sterling Bar to enjoy an evening of trader-talk and drinks.

Now that we have your attention; You are cordially invited to join us on Tuesday 4th October from 7pm at the Sterling Bar (located at the foot of London’s iconic Gherkin) where we have the entire mezzanine bar reserved for our use.

This Traders Social Evening is hosted by Charles Clifton, a pro-forex trader, coach and sponsor of  Forex Trading Workshops, as part of the UK’s only national network of free Social, Workshop and Seminar events held regularly up and down the country.

Charles Clifton Forex Trader / Coach / Signals / Seminars :

“Trading can be a confusing and often an isolating experience; these regular events bring together retail traders from all walks of life and with all levels of trading ability, getting us out from behind our screens to engage with one another whilst accessing everything from educational presentations to a good opportunity to swap tips, trading systems and war stories”.

Event Details:

Registration is not required to attend this event however to keep abreast of all our upcoming workshops and seminars you will need to join one of our regional groups via the meetup.com platform. It’s free and easy to join, so simply go to any of the following links to find your nearest group, join for free, and RSVP.

Forex Trading Workshops – LONDON
Forex Trading Workshops – BIRMINGHAM *New Group*
Forex Trading Workshops – BRISTOL
Forex Trading Workshops – MANCHESTER *New Group*

More groups are being added each week, so if you feel you would benefit from a group in your city just contact me at info@charlesclifton.co.uk and we’ll see what we can do.


The Sterling Bar: http://www.thesterlingbar.co.uk/
The Gherkin: http://www.thegherkinlondon.com/
TFL: https://tfl.gov.uk/

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