PriceAction indicator based on indicating Price Action candles. It indicates each candle type by different colored histogram bars.

The length of each bar of the histogram indicates the power of Price Action candles.


  • PinBar Up ————–> index0 —-> Lime;
  • PinBar Down ———–> index1 —-> Red;
  • Inside Bar UP ———-> index2 —-> Blue;
  • Inside Bar Down ——-> index3 —-> Orange;
  • Engulfing Bar UP ——-> index4 —-> DarkGreen;
  • Engulfing Bar Down —-> index5 —-> LightCoral;

Please Note: I provide the above MT4 indicator for free and I neither hold nor claim any copyright over the code. If this indicator is the result of your hard work and you would prefer it be removed from this site then please contact me via my contact page HERE and I will action your request.