Got a question about our Forex Signals / Alerts Service ?

I welcome your questions and have tried to answer the most commonly asked questions below.

If you have specific questions that I have not covered then please send them to me HERE.

  • Manually scanning all the markets all day every day looking for a trading opportunity is simply too much work for anyone to do – I know, I’ve tried it ! – so look upon our Alerts Service as your personal automated markets scanner, operating 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, every week, and reporting back to you with its finding, in real-time.
  • Derived from our Proprietary Trend Based, Swing Trading Algorithm, our Alerts Service is designed to give you an insight as to what currency pairs are moving in the markets right now.
  • I’m a professional trader, so it makes sense that I spend a lot of my time with my charts. This enables me to share with you my observations of the underlying market conditions, market momentum, risk sentiment, upcoming risk events, technical chart events (support/resistance levels, trend lines etc) & more – live from my desk to yours, as it happens, via our private telegram bot.

Yes we do. Please see the images below:

  • This first image is taken from our telegram feed:

  • This second image is taken from our Members Only Live Trades webpage

  • You will have noticed that these two screen grabs are of the same currency pair and share the same opening and target prices (OP and TP). The really eagle Eyed amongst you will have noticed that the Stop Loss prices (SL) are different. This is because we publish our trailing stops hourly as they move with price; reducing risk and locking in profit.

We have two systems of Alerts delivery:

  • 1) Telegram: All our trade alerts, entries, stop loss, profit targets and market commentary are sent to you via the Telegram app, in real-time.
  • 2) Website: All our trade alerts are also listed on the members’ only section of our website where you can also see our updated training stop loss levels.
  • Our trade alerts are raw, which is to say that you are seeing the exact same trade alerts that we see, as generated by our algorithm.
  • Once a trade alert has been generated, we manually assess it prior to placing any positions in the market.
  • We will be launching a Fully Managed Alerts Service later this year, please contact me HERE if you are interested in this service.
    • Our trade alerts are trend based and drawn from our proprietary strength / weakness screening algorithm.
    • Our algorithm is programmed to scan 28 of the major currency crosses in the higher time frames, identifying the strongest 3 and the weakest 3 currencies, and pair them against each other.
    • This gives us a maximum of 9 potential cross-pairs to consider at any point in time.
  • We cater to both “Trend” traders (who trade the bigger picture) and “Day” traders (who trade the lower timeframes) updating 2 Strength Weakness Tables every 20 minutes throughout the trading week.
  • In addition, we present you with our “Combined Strategy” which highlights the currencies that correspond to both Trend and Day tables, exposing the high probability crosses at that moment in time.
  • Alerts are sent as they are generated.
  • Please be aware that we have clients in every time zone all over the globe.
  • Please also be aware that this is a 24 hour / 5 day a week market, as such our algos will respond to market moves as and when they happen.
  • Because of the nature of this industry we are unable to say when alerts will be generated and released.
  • Again, given the market conditions outlined below, this is an impossible question to answer.
  • Trend trading strategies like calm, directional markets. As such, when these conditions are met, our algos generate less signals and hold the positions open for longer, making more profit.
  • Conversely, trend-based strategies do not like choppy, directionless or range bound markets. When these conditions exist all algos tend to generate more alerts, suggesting, opening and closing a higher number of positions as they try to make sense of the markets.
  • Unfortunately, we do not control the markets, so we (and our algos) simply respond to the conditions that exist at that moment. That is the true nature of this industry.
  • Given the changing market conditions explained above it is impossible to answer this question. Anyone who says they can is almost certainly being less than honest with you.
  • Again, please do not ask me this question as there are simply too many variables in play (Your account size ? Your risk per trade ratios ? Do you only take positions during the EU session ? etc etc) for us to even take a guess as to your end of month outcome.
  • Unfortunately, we do not offer a free trial service. Please do not ask.
  • We will be launching a Fully Managed Alerts Service and a Account Management Service later this year; please contact me HERE if you are interested in either of these services.

“I’m here to help, so feel free to drop me a line via my contact page HERE

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