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I’ve been trading for nearly a decade now, and as those who’ve trained and traded with me know, I’m a trend based swing trader who likes to trade with, not against the market.

You can do the same with my LIVE FOREX ALERTS & TECHNICAL TRADE COMMENTARY Service.

Derived from our proprietary Trend Based, Swing Trading algorithm, you’ll receive LIVE TRADING ALERTS including  entry prices, targets, stops and exits in real-time, as they happen, delivered in real-time, 24 hours a day, five days a week, to your desk and/or phone.

Additional daily Technical Trade Commentary is included – Derived from our proprietary trading dashboards, we can see the market moving in real-time, so are able to let you know what we see, when we see it – Directly from my desk to yours.

Individually these services are essential. Combined they are Priceless !

LIVE Forex Trading Alerts & Commentary - Delivered Via Telegram
£39 / Month
• INCLUDED: Access To Our Unique LIVE TRADING ALERTS TELEGRAM CHANNEL – Every Trade Entry, Target, Stop Loss & Trade Exit – Delivered In Real-Time To Your Desk, Tablet and Phone.
• INCLUDED: Access To Our Technical Trade Commentary – Regular Overviews Of Market Momentum, Risk Events & More – Live From My Desk To Yours.
• INCLUDED: Access To Our OPEN TRADES PAGE – Listing all our current alerts – Inc all Trade Entry Prices, Targets, Trailing Stop Losses & Trade Exits – Updated In Real-Time.
• INCLUDED: Access To Our Unique FOREX STRENGTH / WEAKNESS TABLES – 3 Strategies For Trend Traders, Day Traders & Combined Traders – Updated Every 20 Minutes Throughout The Trading Week.
• INCLUDED: Access To Our Unique G8 FUNDAMENTALS DATA TABLES – GDP, Employment, Inflation & Central Bank Interest Rates – All In One Place – Updated Hourly.
• With These Tools You Can See What’s Moving In The Market As It Happens – You’ll Always Know Which Way The Market Is Flowing .
• All For Just £1.30 Per Day – That’s The Price Of Half A Latte !

Do you want to see what we see in the market ?


Real-Time Entries, Targets, Stops, Exits & Technicals to your desk & phone

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