How to use Charles Clifton's Forex Strength Weakness Analysis

How to use Charles Clifton’s Forex Strength Weakness Analysis 2018-03-04T15:54:42+00:00

How to use my Daily Strength / Weakness analysis

A step-by-step guide to keep you trading on the right side of the Forex Market – Always !

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Once subscribed to my Silver Membership Plan and logged in you’ll be able to see each days Currency Strength / Weakness Analysis, updated Monday to Friday twice daily at 9.30am and 5.30pm UK time, and Sundays at 8pm.

Here’s a past example of what you’ll see each day, delivered in a rolling format enabling you to track currency strength / weakness as it rises and falls across the days and weeks.


Here’s How It Works:

I publish each trading days Strength and Weakness Analysis in two parts as follows:

  1. In column 1 we see the “09.30 GMT – Bigger Picture (Daily)” analysis. This tells us the strongest 3 and weakest 3 currencies of the day. This is updated daily, Monday to Friday, at 9.30am UK time:
    • Essential if you are to trade with the trend, not against it !
  2. In column 2 we see the “09.30 GMT – Near Term (Intraday)” analysis. This gives us a lower time frame view of the strongest 3 and weakest 3 currencies to suit the day traders amongst us. From this column you can see what has changed overnight during the Asian Session and what is currently hot or not as at the open of the UK session:
    • Essential if you are day trading, enabling you to spot and react to changes in the daily market momentum.
  3. In column 3 we see the “17.30 GMT – Near Term (Intraday)” analysis. This is the second day trader’s analysis of the day giving you the UK session closing currency Strength / Weakness snapshot going in to the US/Asia session:
    • Essential information if you are to carry an open position through the night.

How to Use this analysis:

No matter whether you are a Bigger Picture trend/swing trader or an Intraday day trader you should start with the “09.30 GMT – Bigger Picture (Daily)” analysis as it alerts you to the bigger trends in play at any time, and you certainly don’t want to be trading against the trend !

Try cross-referencing the 6 quoted currencies: i.e take the strongest and the weakest and open the corresponding chart.

Example: If USD is the strongest (S1) and JPY is the Weakest (W1), open the USD/JPY chart on the daily time frame and see what it has to offer – perhaps it’s just breaking out, or has been trending for a while – either way you’ll spot it.

You don’t have to stick to the No1 (S1 Vs W1) crosses either: There are 9 potential currency crosses per column, so maybe pair the 2nd strongest (S2) with the 3rd weakest (W3) and see what the chart throws up.

Our Day Trading Clients tend to keep an eye on the Bigger Picture to give them the overall market direction then swing trade in and out of the market using the Intraday Data which, drawn from a lower timeframe, gives them the information they need to time their entry as a currency rises in line with the trend and exit their position as it weakens. Very powerful stuff as I’m sure you’ll agree.

Sunday Analysis Too:

I also publish the “20.00 GMT – Bigger Picture (Daily)” Market Open Currency Strength / Weakness position at 8 p.m. UK time on Sunday evenings giving our otherwise employed swing trading members a snapshot of the market enabling them to see where we stand as of Friday’s market close / Sunday’s market open:

  • Essential if you wish to evaluate current positions carried through the weekend and/or open new positions ahead of the market.


Ready to trade with, not against the market ?

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