Charles Clifton’s Daily Forex Strength Weakness Analysis – Preview

Charles Clifton’s Daily Forex Strength Weakness Analysis – Preview 2018-03-01T13:06:50+00:00

No matter what your strategy,

trading against the market is financial suicide !

So trade what is happening, not what the “gurus” tell you should be happening !

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How do I use this analysis ?

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Here’s a copy of an entire weeks analysis from November 2017 so you can see:

  • Exactly what you’ll see once subscribed & logged in
  • How currencies rise & fall throughout the week
  • The Big Picture trends – We love trading with the trends
  • The Intraday ebb & flow – For our day trading brethren
  • Published twice a day, every day
  • Sunday Market Open analysis too
  • A whole month of back data to view
  • Obviously, the live rolling data is larger, and easier to read

I made over 1200 pips from the week below – Take a look and you’ll see how you can too with a £1.30 per day subscription !

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