Technical Analysis 101 – Your Trading Journey Starts HERE

Technical Analysis 101 – Your Trading Journey Starts HERE 2018-04-11T12:19:51+00:00

1-2-1 Forex Training : Free Support Saves You 25% In May !

Charles Clifton Forex Trader | Coach | Signal Service – Technical Analysis - Charting Skills - one-to-one 1-2-1 Forex Trader Training –

2 Whole Days of 1-2-1 Training With Charles For Just £425 !

  • Limited Dates: Only 10 Dates in May
  • Limited Places: Only 10 Seats in May
  • Full Days 1-2-1 Training: 9.30am to 5.00pm
  • Triple-screen trading desk provided
  • Full course materials provided
  • @ My Trading Office: In Bristol
  • Save 25% in May: Time limited offer
  • Now Just £425: (Usually £575 !)
Charles Clifton Forex Trader / Coach / Signals / Seminars | Technical Analysis - Learn to Trade professionally on a private trading floor |

No-Nonsense Charting Skills:     See It >>   Learn It >>   Do It !

You’ll Learn The Art Of Meaningful Analysis:

  • MT4 Setup
    • Chart setup
    • Profiles and Templates
    • Analytical tools
  • Technical Inspection
    • Support and resistance
    • Trend lines and channels
    • Psychological numbers
    • Momentum studies
  • Primary Indicators
    • Moving Averages
    • Fibonacci Retracements
    • Oscillators
  • Technical Setups
    • Continuation Patterns
    • Confluence
    • Buy and Sell zones
    • Failed signals
  • Structured Analysis
    • Multi-timeframe analysis
    • Finding the trend
    • Day Trading skills
  • Informed Trading
    • Turning data into information
    • Filtering instruments
    • Finding the trade
    • Keeping records
Charles Clifton Forex Trader | Coach | Signal Service – Technical Analysis - Charting Skills - one-to-one 1-2-1 Forex Trader Training –

Secure Your Seat Today (As They Sell Out VERY Quickly !): 

1 Make sure you have at least a FREE membership subscription (go HERE FIRST if you don’t).

2 Secure your chosen training date via the dropdown menu below.

3 Make a 10% (£42.50) deposit payment via the PayPal/Credit Card “Buy Now” button below that.

That’s it, you’re booked in, and will receive a confirmation email and receipt by return.

The £382.50 balance of fees will become due on the morning of your training, payable by bank transfer.

And if something happens whereby you just can’t make it, then all I ask is 48 hours notice and I’ll send you your deposit money back in full okay.

Last month they sold out almost instantly,  so you’ll have to be quick – REAL QUICK !

ONLY 10 PLACES AVAILABLE IN MAY – When They’re Gone, They’re Gone.


Save 25% In May With Free Support £575  NOW £425 !

Here’s How It Works:

It’s a full day of 1-2-1 training, starting at 9.30am and concluding at 5pm. We break for lunch at our in-house café which serves great coffee !

We follow up with 2 x support sessions, again at the office, over the next 6 weeks.

You’ll be working from your own triple screen trading desk where you will learn a complete process that you can use again and again to conduct structured, meaningful, multi-timeframe market analysis, taking a snapshot of the whole market along with detailed observations.

All course materials provided: All clients are provided with full step-by-step printed course materials and a series of crib sheets which we follow throughout the day and which you can take with you afterwards.

This process enables you to see at-a-glance which pairs you should be looking at closely and which pairs you should simply avoid ! We remove the noise and reveal only the pairs currently offering high probability setups.

I developed this process driven system over six years ago and have been using it to make profits ever since – because it works.


Available Dates: Remember, this is 1-2-1 training, so 1 date = 1 seat !

Wed 2nd May

Thurs 3rd May

Wed 9th May

Thurs 10th May

Wed 16th May

Thurs 17th May

Wed 23rd May

Thurs 24th May

Wed 30th May

Thurs 31st May

You Do The Maths: 

Over 3,500 members will receive this offer.

Over 1,400 members will read it.

Over 280 members will want to do something about it.

ONLY 8 will be successful in gaining a place !

Members Only Offer: 

Members get 25% off and pay just £425, whereas non-members would pay the full price of £575 (see my main training page HERE for confirmation)

If you don’t already have FREE membership then you will need to sign up to one of my membership plans HERE first.

2 Whole Days Of 1-2-1 Training With Charles For Just £425 !

Getting There:

If You’re Local:

The Create Centre

Smeaton Road

Bristol BS1 6XN

(Limited parking available on site)

If You’re Not:

I recommend taking a train to Bristol Temple Meads Station.

Then take a Number 506 bus – It’s a 9 minuet ride, 3 stops, and drops you right outside.

(Note: You’ll need to catch the o8.53 bus to reach my office by 09.02 for a coffee and a 9.30 start)

Either way I’ll send you my mobile number with your booking confirmation email – Just in case…

Why I’m Making You This Offer:

I Have Over 3,500 Members: And over the years I’ve worked with a great many who, after spending months reading/watching rubbish on the internet – and often a small fortune “training” with the usual suspects – still can’t read a chart !

The Truth: If you can’t populate your charts with MEANINGFULL ANALYSIS, and by that I mean effectively replicating the charts of the big players, then you will forever be trading inaccurate analysis.

The Upshot: You will lose money, and continue to lose money.

I See This Too Often: So I’m taking it on myself to break the mould and deliver some quality training services at an affordable price.

The Solution: Spend two whole days in a private trading office sitting 1-2-1 with a trader who’s been doing this for nearly 10 years.

Hence Technical Analysis 101: If you follow what I show you to the letter then after just 1 month your charts will look like mine and you should be trading in profit !

Why So Few Dates & Seats Available ? Basically, I’m a trader, so it stands to reason that most of my time should be spent, well, trading… Therefore there’s only so much time I can commit to 1-2-1 training with my members before my own trading takes a hit. I’m sure you understand.

Charles Clifton Forex Trader / Coach / Signals / Seminars | Technical Analysis - Learn to Trade professionally on a private trading floor |


Indra M:

“Very informative and equally enjoyable. Charles is a walking encyclopaedia. Looking forward to the next module.”

Lewis S:

“It’s like Charles held up an Xray to show what’s going on beneath the markets – very useful and enjoyable, thanks Charles!”

Ram & Limbu:

“Charles, thank you for the training, really really appreciated. Your innovative insight into Forex trading was really helpful – it was more than we expected. We look forward to learning more with you in the future.”

“I’m here to help, so feel free to drop me a line via my contact page HERE

Leveraged trading carries a high level of risk to your capital. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved before you trade. Learn more HERE