Welcome To Charles Clifton’s Forex Trader Training Courses

Welcome To Charles Clifton’s Forex Trader Training Courses 2018-04-11T12:04:30+00:00

1-2-1 Forex Trader Training

Sit with me and I’ll show you what to do on Monday morning

“My clients don’t leave with just a head full of ideas and a couple of examples, but with structured processes that can be applied from day one, and a month of support available per module”

– Charles Clifton, Forex Trader

1-2-1 Trader Training Courses From Just £425 !

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The first of three essential pillars of successful trading.

Here I show you a complete process that you can use to conduct structured, meaningful, multi-timeframe analysis, taking a snapshot of the whole market along with detailed observations.

The product of this process enables you to see at-a-glance which pairs you should be looking at closely and which pairs you should simply avoid ! Removing the noise and revealing only the pairs currently offering high probability setups.

I developed this process driven system five years ago and have been using it to make profits ever since – because it works.

We will cover:

  • MT4 Template setup
  • Visual inspection
    • Support and resistance
    • Trend lines and channels
    • Psychological numbers
    • Momentum studies
  • Primary indicators – leading, lagging and filters
    • Moving Averages
    • Fibonacci Retracements
    • Oscillators
  • Technical setups
    • Continuation Patterns
    • Confluence
    • Buy and Sell zones
    • Failed signals
  • In person or via Skype – always 1-2-1 wherever you are
  • Support – Add 2 extra half days of training for just £150

1-2-1 Coaching At My Bristol Trading Office: £425


The second essential pillar of successful trading.

This module forms an essential part of my daily trading routine; it’s the part of my day that not only explains why price just did what it did, but also what’s on the slate for today, what the markets are expecting, and how they may react.

This process guarantees you will never miss another tier 1 risk event again. This, when combined with your Technical Analysis results (studied in Module 3), instantly demystifies the entire business of trading.

We will cover:

  • Where to go and how to access the key resources you need
  • How to collate and interpret the G8 tier 1 data
  • How data drives sentiment
  • How sentiment drives the market
  • How to create a daily trade plan based on the above

We also look at bank flows. Here I show you the exact resources I use to access up to the minute information about the trade books of the institutional players (major banks etc) including:

  • What pairs they are actively trading
  • Where they are placing their pending orders
  • Where they are executing their at market orders
  • Where they are placing their stop and profit orders

This is pure trading gold ! Essential information if you are to trade in line with – not against – the big institutions.

  • In person or via Skype – always 1-2-1 wherever you are
  • Support – Add 2 extra half days of training for just £150

1-2-1 Coaching At My Bristol Trading Office: £425


The third essential pillar of successful trading – longevity – get this bit wrong and it’s over !

Here I lay out in detail my 3 part position sizing algorithm – Simply the most important aspect of my trading – and show you how to use it again and again to quantify your best case and risk case scenarios to control your exposure to the market, allowing you to ride out the storms (and there will be storms !) and still have an account to trade with on the other side.

We will cover:

  • The risk management mind-set
  • The risk management process
  • Volatility adjusted stop algorithms
  • Volatility adjusted position sizing
  • Risk : Reward ratios
  • Margin requirement calculations
  • Book exposure by trade and basket

I show you step-by-step how all these elements combine in to a defined pre-trade process which will become second nature to you. It is by not skimping on this process that I control my risk whilst targeting the big returns when they present themselves – That’s why I’m still in the game.

And before you ask: No, you don’t need a degree in rocket science to do this !

  • In person or via Skype – always 1-2-1 wherever you are
  • Support – Add 2 extra half days of training for just £150

1-2-1 Coaching At My Bristol Trading Office: £425



1-2-1 Trader Training:

All my courses are designed to be delivered in person at my Bristol Trading Office where you will receive absolute one-to-one coaching, ensuring you are able to ask as many question as you wish throughout the day.


When attending my Bristol Trading Office you will be provided with one of three dedicated trader-trading desks from which to work.

Charles-Clifton-Forex-Trader-And-Coach-Training-Desk-02 : www.charlesclifton.co.uk Charles Clifton - Forex Trader - Certified Coach - Signal Service - Seminar Speaker : wwwCharlesclifton.co.uk


All clients are provided with full step-by-step printed/downloadable course materials and crib sheets which we follow throughout the day and which you can take with you afterwards.


I offer a “stop the clock” guarantee to all my clients, so should you struggle with any area of a module we will come off the clock and focus on the topic at hand until you have it down.


Two additional half days of support may be purchased separately for the Technical, Fundamental and Risk modules to ensure the theory has worked its way in to your daily trading practice.


I like to get to know my clients so only take on 4 new clients each month, so you are assured of my time and attention when you need it.


You’re more than welcome to meet me first at one of the many Trading HUB Workshops, Seminars and Social events I host each month in London, Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester to get a feel for how I go about making real money in the Forex markets. Please contact me HERE For details and dates of forthcoming events.


Dates are secured upon receipt of a one-off 10% deposit payment of only £42.50 payable by debit/credit card or PayPal via the secure “Book Now” buttons on this page.

The balance of fees becomes due at the start of your training day.



Lewis S:

“It’s like Charles held up an Xray to show what’s going on beneath the markets – very useful and enjoyable, thanks Charles!”

Ram & Limbu:

“Charles, thank you for the training, really really appreciated. Your innovative insight into Forex trading was really helpful – it was more than we expected. We look forward to learning more with you in the future.”

Indra M:

“Very informative and equally enjoyable. Charles is a walking encyclopaedia. Looking forward to the next module.”

“I’m here to help, so feel free to drop me a line via my contact page HERE

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