Another +547 pips of open profit

See below for details

“Not every day is stellar, the market doesn’t always do what you want.

So when your positions come together, be ready,

as that’s when we make the big money !”

Charles Clifton – Forex Trader

Forex Trading | Performance Snapshots.

Below you will find a selection of dated screenshots from our MT4 Trading platform showing our open positions.

  • These positions are derived from our Proprietary Forex Strength / Weakness Trading Algorithm, the output of which you can have streamed in real-time directly to your phone, tablet or PC.
  • Subscribers can also see our LIVE Strength Vs Weakness Tables page (preview HERE) and our Open Trade Positions page, both updated LIVE throughout the entire trading week.
  • Subscribers also receive LIVE  Alerts and Trade Commentary sent directly from my desk.
  • Details/Subscribe To Our LIVE Alerts and Trade Commentary Service HERE.

Please Note:

  • All profits/losses of each trade are shown in the far right-hand column.
  • The MT4 platform displays each trade in “Points”.
  • To read this number as whole pips you must ignore the last digit.
    • So “1162 points” would be 116.2 pips.
  • MT4 displays the total at the bottom of this column in currency, which we have masked, for obvious reasons.
  • We post the net total of pips for you, but if you wish to check then you will need to add the individual trades to see the total pips.

Updates: I try to update this page as often as possible, however I’m a trader first, a 1-2-1 Trading Coach, and full partner at TradingHUB Codex LLP, so am sometimes kinda busy.

Any Questions: Feel free to drop me a line HERE

Enjoy !

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