No financial market operates in isolation,

so it pays to be “in the know” as to the bigger picture around the globe.

Whether or not you trade the major stock markets or indices it’s always wise to at very least keep tabs on the Asian Nikkei 225, the UK FTSE 100 and the S&P 500 in the USA.

Perhaps you Trade Tech stocks during the US session, in which case you would definitely benefit from having the NASDAQ readily to hand.

If you Forex trade the USD than it’s essential to have a constant visual on the Dollar Index (DXY) along with the Volatility Index (VIX), both of which are included in the Additional Indices section below.

These LIVE Indices Market Tickers give you all the major bourses on one page, right where you need them.

These Indices Market Tickers update live, in real-time, so no need to refresh your page.

ASIA Indices

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EURO Indices

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USA Indices

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Additional Indices

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How to use your Live Indices Market Tickers:

  • As with all things trading, this page is best viewed on a laptop or larger.
  • As with all things internet, this page is best viewed with Chrome.

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