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February/March summary

As previously mentioned I’ve taken some time out of the market to focus on developing TradingHUB, the UK’s only nationwide network of retail traders. Well, it’s nearly there and I’m proud to say you can now find out more and get on board here

To this end, although I keep a continual eye on market movements I’ve not placed any new trades recently, preferring instead to focus on launching the TradingHUB website and establishing our first Private Trading Floor before returning to the markets with a vengeance !

Simply put I’m a trader first and foremost so I can’t wait to get back to the business of trading, surrounded by likeminded TradingHUB members on our (first of many to come) trading floor.

So how did you fair in the markets this month ? Did you call the DOW top at 21,000 ? Is your sentiment teetering toward risk off ? Are you ready for article 50 ? Drop me a line via your all new, whizz-bang, “super-proper-swanky-like” TradingHUB website and let me know.

Meanwhile – Normal trading will be resumed shortly, please be patient !

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No fanfare, no brass band, just steady annual Returns

My annual RoE target is 45%. I achieve this by trading to +3% each and every month which, when left to compound, gives me my 45% annual RoE.

I will stay in a trade until it stops giving me money, therefore anything over 3% per month is considered a bonus.


Learn to Trade professionally on a private trading floor

Discover how you could develop your trading and control your risk with 1-2-1 trader training from Charles Clifton. Visit for details.

“Successful forex trading is not about being clever.
It’s about making money – simply and consistently.”

– Charles Clifton, Forex Trader

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Risk Warning

Leveraged trading carries a high level of risk to your capital. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved before you trade. Read more HERE