Traders Social @ London’s Iconic Gherkin – Win a skype consultancy session with a professional trader !

It’s time for another Trading Hub London social event folks, and while we’re about it, let’s talk about spreads (baby).

(And a free drink goes to the first attendee who can identify the early 90’s hip-hop artists behind that somewhat oblique reference (and yes I know I’m kind of showing my age here…)).

But seriously, what do you make of the spreads and round-trip CFD charges being offered by your broker? Do they represent value to you ? Do you know how they are calculated ? Do you know how they compare to other spreads/charges being offered ? Do they influence your trading plan ? Are they too high ? Too low ? Do you even care ?


Attendees will be entered in to a free prize draw to win a skype consultancy session with a professional trader !

  • Use it to discuss any trading related issue you wish from how to get started in trading to refining your current strategy –

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It’s clear that many brokers are of the opinion that lower spreads are the key to attracting and retaining retail clients, so let’s talk about you and me (sorry, another oblique reference there) and how we as retail clients feel about the cost of doing business with our brokers.

Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things (apologies, I just couldn’t resist that one) around the current cost structure of doing business in the markets, and perhaps even come up with a couple of suggestions as to how our brokers could improve the costs environment overall, or even related areas of the service (deposit and withdrawal facilities for example) which could be improved to assist us.


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First and foremost this is a social event where we get to chat, enjoy a drink (responsibly of course), make new friends and network amongst likeminded traders, software coders, fintech developers and brokers (another free drink to the first attendee who can point out the obligatory undercover broker in the house !) so whilst we have a conversational framework on which to focus I encourage everyone to mingle and chat with the 50+ attendees from our 3 London groups – you never know who you might meet as a result.

Please note: Registration is essential as we are limited to 60 attendees and this event is publicised to our Trading Hub group membership in advance so attendence is by RSVP only so PLEASE REGISTER HERE FOR FREE. Thank you for your understanding.


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