WEEK 25 Ahead – Forex Traders Calendar: Mon 19th to Fri 23rd June 2017


After what’s been a mesmerising couple of weeks both in terms of markets and political turmoil this upcoming week seems almost boring. Probably the most topical item on the agenda is the beginning of the UK Brexit negotiations which finally gets underway on Monday, almost 4 months since article 50 was triggered. Following the recent general election we are now in a much weaker negotiating position with Europhiles both inside and outside of the Conservative party having much greater leverage over the government.

We can now expect to see a softer approach to Brexit which could even lead to us continuing to be a member of the EEA which promotes free trade and movement of people, something the voters were against. Any move towards a softer outcome could provide support to the GBP however the continuing uncertainty will still be an undertone.

Now let’s look at the rest of the week.

Monday 19th June

12:30 a.m. | AUD | RBA governor speaks

Unlikely to have a significant market impact but Australia is definitely the country to watch at the moment with an overheating employment market but very little else to get excited about.

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